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Georgia has the fastest growing older adult population in the country, but is not considered as a place to age well.

Due to longer life spans, eroding or eliminated pensions, the recent Great Recession and its effect on savings, as well as the rising costs of healthcare, many older adults are outliving their financial resources. Those living below the poverty level face even greater challenges and the needs in our community increase exponentially as the population of older adults in Georgia continues to rise.

img_2446Research shows that the supportive older adult communities like those of Wesley Woods offer a higher quality of life - and can postpone or even eliminate the need for more costly, less attractive levels of care such as skilled nursing and hospitalization, leading to longer, healthier lives. Independent, healthy older adults remain contributors to themselves, their families, and our community rather than becoming a burden.

This quality of life is what we would all want for ourselves, our family, and is in fact what everyone deserves.

Learn more about how Wesley Woods assures Georgia's older adults thrive through Wellness and Pastoral Care Programming:  FWW_Wellness Program Overview_FB

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