Get Involved

When you connect with Wesley Woods, you not only transform the lives of others, but your life is greatly enriched as well.

There are a variety of ways you can extend love and peace to those in need with the skills and passion you already have. Even a small time commitment can have a huge impact on both the older adults who call Wesley Woods home, and their families.

Research shows, the top fears of aging are outliving your financial resources, becoming a burden, declining health, and loss of independence. At Wesley Woods older adults have a home, remain a contributor and are surrounded by health and wellness so they can live independently – and well – as long as possible.

This is only possible when the community joins Wesley Woods in making a difference in the lives of those we serve.


Your gift is the difference between crippling fear and peace of mind for older adults in North Georgia.


Transform lives with little time commitment using skills you already have.

Tell a Friend

Spread the word of Wesley Woods' life-changing work to your friends, family and local community.

Be an Advocate

Your support is vital in increasing awareness around the needs of older adults. Help be their voice.

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