"What older adults are looking for is companionship, connection and community. If they become more isolated, they're limited. All they want is connection with other people." — Diane Bryant, Wesley Woods Volunteer

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in an older adults life? Maybe someone has invested in you, and you'd like to extend that kindness to someone else? Perhaps your grandparents have passed, and you miss connecting with that generation? Our seniors have a wealth of wisdom and knowledge spanning decades that you will benefit from helping.

At Wesley Woods, we have a wide variety of ways you can help meet the needs of over 1,800 residents in our 10 communities throughout North Georgia.

img_054Whether you're an individual who wants to extend friendship to an older adult, or a group looking to get their hands dirty and transform the grounds of a community, your gift of time will change the life of a senior, keeping them feeling important and relevant to those around them.




Community Volunteer Opportunities


  • Visit one-on-one with a resident that has little or no family.
  • Read to the visually impaired.
  • Drive residents to the grocery store, doctors appointments, or social events in their neighborhood.
  • Perform health assessments for wellness program participants.
  • Instruct an exercise class (zumba, yoga, etc.)
  • Hang pictures or rearrange furniture in a resident's home.
  • Provide chaplaincy for residents experiencing emotional pain from loss of a loved one or of their own abilities as they age.
  • Deliver food to low-income residents at a HUD-subsidized community.
  • Assist staff in administrative office tasks - answering phones, filing paperwork, distributing mail, etc.
  • Assist staff in hosting social events - spring flings, picnics, cookouts, birthday parties, ice cream socials, holiday parties, movie nights, bingo, etc.
  • Help a resident learn how to use technology to stay connected to their family.


  • Host a class – arts and crafts, music, gardening workshops.
  • Sponsor monthly birthday parties for residents.
  • Outdoor property updates - plant flower beds, community gardens, build gazebos, outdoor grilling spaces, picnic tables, pressure wash building, etc.
  • Bring your theater or music performances on tour.

Off-site Volunteer Opportunities


  •  Make "Blessing Bags" with critical household and toiletry items needed for low-income residents living below the poverty line. Download Blessing Bag Flyer here
  • Host a benefit concert at your home or church.
  • Donate bingo prizes.
  • Put together care packages, stockings, or trick-or-treat goodie bags.


img_jeff-gordonWhat experience is required to volunteer?

No previous experience is required to volunteer at Wesley Woods. Just come with the skills you already have!

Who can volunteer?

While some projects have age restrictions for safety reasons, anyone can give of their time: men, women, youth, students, family members. Our residents themselves like to volunteer at their communities too!

When are volunteers needed?

Whenever it fits with your schedule. Whether it's weekends or weekdays, mornings or evenings, weekly or monthly, there is an opportunity to give back.

I have questions before I sign-up to volunteer, who do I contact?

Please call the community you which to volunteer at and request to speak to the person in charge of volunteerism. A list of communities and contact information can be found here.

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