Success Stories

Thanks to the giving of others, our residents continue to age with purpose and have a higher quality of life. But no one can tell you better just how special life at Wesley Woods is than the residents and their family members themselves...


"I have fun all the time at Wesley Woods. I participate in the Zumba, Yoga and Pilates classes. Our Wellness program is awesome!"
Bevery Gotel - 68 years young
Retired Nurse & Wesley Woods resident


"Generations of my family have shared in the community of love that is Wesley Woods. My precious mother played the piano for decades for worship services at Wesley Woods. When she moved in, she continued to contribute her time and talent for many happy years."
Lillian Budd Darden, Wesley Woods donor


"My life changed when I moved into Wesley Woods. I have new friends and neighbors. We are a family. I love it here!"
Frederick Jennings, Wesley Woods resident


"I love living at Wesley Woods because it has the best of everything. We have gracious senior living at its best!"
Frances Goodson, Wesley Woods resident


“My doctor is so pleased with my progress. Our Wellness Center has added years to my life!"
Jacqueline Ambles, Wesley Woods resident


Wesley Woods provides the same quality and standards that we would expect in our own homes. They've created a clean, high quality environment that enhances my mother’s life. Wesley Woods is a friendly, warm and welcoming we would wish for ourselves!”
Claire Pamplin, Wesley Woods resident family member


"I support Wesley Woods because I've seen firsthand, through the wonderful care my parents received, how important this ministry is to the residents and their families. Thanks to the giving of others, my mother thrived at Wesley Woods and lived a long and happy life, the life I always wanted for her and that she so richly deserved."
Joyce Smith Wilson, Wesley Woods donor


"I have been here for 8 years and I've enjoyed every moment. The staff has treated me very well and I would recommend Wesley Woods to any senior that's looking for a great community to live in."
Bishop Robert James (ret.), Wesley Woods resident


"Living at Wesley Woods allows me to be who I am. As a member of the Wellness program my goal is to improve my balance. I'm grateful for all the activities and programs that are provided. I am aging with grace!"
Alice Brown, Wesley Woods resident

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